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Use this form to let us know that one or more people have moved into your property. All household members must be approved by the department to move into your home. We will conduct a full rent review, so you will need to provide current income details for all household members. You can either attach the documents when submitting this request or send them to your nearest Housing Service Centre.

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If you cannot find your suburb by name, please enter your postcode. If there is no match, please contact your nearest Housing Service Centre

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Current incomes for all household members

You will need to provide evidence of the current income for all household members. You can attach the evidence to this form below, provide this at the your nearest Housing Service Centre or send in by email.

(Maximum file size: 10 MB. Preferred file types: PDF, Jpeg, GIF, TIFF)

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Personal Information Privacy Notice

The Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy is collecting personal information on this form to provide you with housing assistance or assess grant funding applications. This is authorised by the Housing Act 2003. To assist you with your housing needs and services, relevant personal information may, in very limited and specific circumstances, be disclosed to: partner agencies, service providers, agencies authorised by legislative provisions, and local governments and non-governmental agencies that now, or will provide you with housing and/or support services. Limited personal information may be used for housing related research, policy or planning functions. Unless authorised or required by law, your personal information will not be passed on to any other third party without your consent. More information about the department’s privacy policy is available on our website at


I confirm the information submitted is true and correct. I acknowledge that it is an offence under the Housing Act 2003 to knowingly give false or misleading information to the department that may influence decisions about the provision of housing services to me.


While the department will make every effort to provide assistance, completing this form does not guarantee that the department will be able to provide the assistance you require.


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